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Joulecoin – Currency with transaction comments.

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Why Joulecoin?

Joulecoin is powered by the proven core from Bitcoin. Block time is lowered for higher performance and POW life is increased.


One of the first coins released back in 2013. Tested through time with technology which will work for years to come.


Lowered block time offers faster performance. With advancements to come it will only strengthen the very foundation.


Based on peer-to-peer network offers unprecedented options. Allowing world wide coverage and syncronization.


Well documented API to create next generation applications. It's fast and seamless for great interconnectivity.


Offering one of the longest POW periods. Allowing future users to secure the network in its original mining phase.

Open Source

Anyone can edit or contribute to the code. Encouraging users to engage in the development of future releases.

Transaction Comments

Public messages secured by a Blockchain provides many utilities.


Donations can be publicly made with a message from the sender.

Payments which need strengthened public authenticity can be made.

Private messages can be provided with encryption, enabling a certain person or group to view the contents.

Market and Exchanges

Joulecoin Core

Wallets are available for macOS, Linux, and Windows.


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